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A Safe and Superior Pressure Washing Service in Maryland

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning, Low Pressure Power Washing, PG Charles Calvert County Maryland

Gutterdogs is a locally owned and operated exterior cleaning business in Maryland. Bonded and insured, we accept most forms of payment.

We offer services both commercial and residential.

We have been cleaning since 2004, with a commitment to offering the highest quality cleaning. We stay up to date with the newest technology. We offer hot and cold water cleaning. Your satisfaction is our driving force. We pride ourselves in our customer service, responsiveness, quality of work performed, and price. We have no franchise to answer to; we only answer to you, our customer. Because of this, we are able to adjust on the fly to best meet our customer’s needs.

Did you know that if you are selling your home that has unsightly algae/bacteria growing on the roof it could make buyers think the home needs repairs when in fact it can be cleaned? This also goes for weathered decks, siding, brick or concrete.

Roof Cleaning

We offer a Safe non pressure method to clean the roof. The Black stains are a bacteria, and there is also moss and lichens that grow on the roof. These organisms are basically feeding off the roof and shortening the life of the roof. It is more than just appearance of the roof. Our non pressure method to clean the roof does no damage.

Concrete cleaning

We clean both residential and commercial concrete. For residential concrete this could be a patio, driveway, basement stairwell, or sidewalk. Commercial concrete this includes oil stains from cars in the drive thru, oil & grease stains from food, at the back door and the dumpster pad area. We can even safely remove gum from the concrete too. Very hot water is used for commercial concrete cleaning.

Brick paver cleaning

Our method to clean brick pavers is the same as concrete cleaning.

House washing

Our house washing method is a safe low pressure method, "soft washing", Our method gets things clean that most of our competition can't. Our low pressure method does no damage to window screens, or forces water behind the siding. A wax is included in the house wash. The wax does 2 things. 1, creates a less porous surface for the mold and dirt to stick too and brings back the color of the siding, much like washing your car.

Gutter scrubbing

The black stains on the outside of your gutters are from the shingles. The house wash mix can lighten the black stains on the gutters, but a different mix is needed to guarantee this, and a brushing is required.

Gutter & downspout cleaning of debris

Keeping your gutters and downspouts clean and functional is important, for many reasons. Usually we can tell how often they should be cleaned by the debris we clean out.

Dryer vent cleaning

Dryer vents are the #1 cause for house fires. We clean from the outside in, and the flex pipe behind the dryer. We can even remove birds nests.

Wood cleaning

We offer a safe low pressure method to clean wood decks and fences. Black and green stains on your wood or composite deck or fence are softly washed away. We do not offer a stripping and sealing service.

Rust removal

We offer a safe non pressure method to remove rust stains on your siding, concrete, anywhere.

Brick mortar smear cleaning

This is a low pressure method to remove mortar smears on the brick.


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