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These are some questions we get asked about exterior cleaning.
This page includes questions about siding cleaning, roof cleaning, wood, concrete all around the house washing.

Why low pressure instead of high pressure?

High pressure does damage to wood. house washing; gets behind the siding, slices through window screens, more. With roof cleaning low pressure is too much! No pressure must be used.

What are those black stains on my roof?

Those black stains on your roof are a mold called Gleocapsa magma. other organisms that lives on your roof are called lichens and moss.

Is “bleach” safe to use on my home?

The answer to this is yes and no.
One of the functions of including Sodium Hypochlorite, in the wash mix, is to kill the mold and other organisms living on the outside of your home. Once it is dead, the roots let go, and is easily rinsed off of vinyl siding! Roofs with moss and lichens are a little bit different and more care is needed to preserve granules.
The down side is, if “bleach” is not handled correctly, or by an inexperienced washer. It can harm plants, flowers, and bushes around your home.
Bleach is biodegradable it brakes down to oxygen salt and water.

Can all that mold, etc. living on the outside of my home affect my health?

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine states:
“The presence of mold adversely affects human health through three processes: allergy, infection and toxicity.”
—The black and green stains on your roof, siding and wood. Well that’s mold.Clogged gutters hold water. Mold likes this also..
To reduce the mold threat, mold should be controlled where it grows, outside. Reducing or eliminating exterior mold reduces the chances of mold getting into your home. This in turn helps prevent you or your loved ones from having allergies, or flu like symptoms in the future.
A bonus to the improved curb appeal of the property!

Is that mold doing damage to my home?

The answer is yes,
Owens Corning feels that because of the contraction and expansion of the algae, it causes granule loss, and shortens roof life.
Bad algae growth can raise the edges of the shingles, and make them more susceptible to being blown off in the wind!
A dirty roof can, and will “infect” the neighbors roof’s.
The mold from the roof can wash down onto the paint, driveway, etc, and start growing.

What are mold inhibitors and “wax”?

Mold inhibitors are just that. They generally only last a year. Recommended for really bad mold problems.


It is a polymer wax added to the wash mix. Just like at the car wash! Adds more luster to the siding, outside of the gutters and downspouts! Also makes a less porous surface for the mold to adhere to. And it gets rid of that “chalky” look.

What is a gutter “scrub”, Whats the big deal?

Gutter scrubbing is just that.
The stains on the outside of the gutters are from the asphalt shingles. usually a lack of proper maintenance with keeping the gutters and downspouts clean of debri.
Gutters, seem to some, the hardest to clean. Why is that? the black stains on the outside of the gutter, “tiger stripes” are electrostaticly stuck to the outside of the gutter. Many companies can’t clean them. They pawn it off; ” that’s oxidation” or whatever and take your money n run.
They just needed the right know how, mix, and a brush scrubbing, to come clean.



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