Power Washing In Maryland

There are some things to consider. Are you going to do it yourself, have a friend or neighbor do it, or hire a professional. If hiring a professional, Who? The guy that leaves a homemade flyer on your mail box? Or a company that has a proven track record? Did you know setting a ladder against siding can crack the siding? High pressure can cut lines in window screening, push water past seems. High pressure is not the way to go. It doesn’t give a uniform cleaning effect either. Pressure does damage. Gutterdogs use low pressure to wash your house. Traditional pressure washing in Maryland requires setting ladders against your home, requires high pressure and does not give the same cleaning effect as our method. This method also can leave the siding “chalky” looking. It’s clean, but just doesn’t look new? We have something for that! It’s called wax. much like washing your car.

Low pressure washing

What is low pressure washing? The first thing to washing a house is to know what it is you are washing, the type of surface, stucco is much different to wash than siding, and what soaps are best for this and gives the highest cleaning results. Also not to damage anything to get those desired results. This takes equipment, training and experience, which Gutterdogs has! Get a free pressure washing estimate!

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We can make you home “pop!” and look brand new. A type of cleaning you have never seen before.


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